About us


Our story

About us: Discovery Pisa was born from the wish and desire of Andrea and Alessia, two authorized tourist guides, to promote to everybody the beauties of Pisa. Pisa is indeed one of the most important places in Tuscany. Our team of certified tourist guides will allow you to discover all the secrets of Pisa like a local, because Pisa is much more than the Leaning Tower! We always dreamed of Low cost tours, affordable for every pocket, so we launched our tours a few years ago with price per person, we think that everybody should have the possibility to join a guided tour and learn about history, art and funny facts. Our guides are native because we care a lot about the language level. We are young, willing, full of energy and we have the skills to develop a big project together. We work with local guides and companies that indeed want to create like us a new way to offer tourist services

Our Mission

DISCOVERY PISA aims to get through people who want to grasp the hidden core of Pisa. About us, we want culture and art to be suitable for all, in fact, our low cost tours suit every pocket. We want that everybody could have the possibility to enjoy the competence and knowledge that an authorized tourist guide can offer. With our tours you will have fun and will know everything about art, history, legends and secrets of a wonderful town, like Pisa. Even more! DISCOVERY PISA offers completely personalized tours, based on your desires. The company of our competent and certified tourist guides and trained staff, who will make your travel experience more enjoyable.

Meet the DiscoveryPisa Team

Andrea D. Maraver
Founder & Tour Guide

My name is Andrea and I am the founder of DiscoveryPisa. I was born in Madrid where I studied the degree of Tourism.

However, I always wanted to live in Italy, so in 2008 I came to Pisa as a student of the Erasmus project to finish my degree. Pisa conquered me so much that I decided not to return to Madrid and stay here.

A few years later, in 2012, I obtained my title of tourist guide of Pisa and province and few months later, together with my colleague Alessia, we decided to found DiscoveryPisa.

Since 2012 I feel that I have the honor  to guide tourists through Pisa and show them this wonderful city with a thousand places to discover, because Pisa is much more than the Leaning Tower!

Alessia Sartini
Co – Founder & Tour Guide

My name is Alessia and I am the co-founder of DiscoveryPisa. I was born in Umbria, in a very small village, Spoleto.

After I finish high school, I immediately fled to Florence, where I graduated in Foreign Language and Literature specializing in Spanish and English.

In 2011 I betrayed Florence and permanently moved to Pisa, where I studied to become a tourist guide. In 2012 together with my colleague Andrea we founded DiscoveryPisa.

Today, after much work, DiscoveryPisa has grown and with passion we continue to illustrate the beauties of Pisa to tourists from all over the world, so that art, culture and history are within everyone’s reach.

Anastasia Sierp
Tour Guide

Hello everyone, my name is Anastasia, I am a tour guide, for DiscoveryPisa I take care of the German tours.

I was born in Osnabrück in Germany, grew up in Tropea, a small town in southern Italy, and then came to Pisa to study a Foreign Language and Literature degree.

I have a double culture, a double mother tongue, Italian and German, and I also speak English correctly.

I have always been passionate about art, culture and travel, thanks to my profession I can combine these interests and transmit them to others. All this is also thanks to the splendid Pisan territory, rich in architectural, cultural and landscape wonders, some of which are recognized throughout the world.

With my work I not only try to transmit information, but also involve the tourist in an unforgettable travel experience.


Daria Panicucci
Tour Guide

Hello everyone. My name is Daria and I am a tour guide for the DiscoveryPisa team.

I was born in Santa Maria a Monte, a small town in the Pisan mountains, so I consider myself Pisana DOC.

In 2017 I graduated in Foreign Language and Literature, specializing in English and Spanish, which has allowed me to learn to speak both languages ​​correctly. In the same year I obtained my title of tourist guide of Pisa and province and immediately started working.

In 2019 I join the DiscoveryPisa team. I chose my job as a tourist guide because in this way I can combine my two great passions: art history and foreign languages!

Denis Lema
Tour Guide

My name is Denís Lema, I was born in Santiago de Compostela, where I graduated in History, and I am an authorized tour guide for Pisa and its province.

I have been working as a guide in 4 languages since 2017: Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. During my itineraries I try to give an answer to the many “why?” of History and Art through a journey into the minds of our ancestors. Not without a sense of humor and dynamism, of course, because I think boredom and learning never go hand in hand.

I am also a teacher at a local high school and have extensive experience managing a hostile “audience” and tailoring my itineraries to children. I love to ride a bicycle and I often work with this vehicle, so I know every corner of the Valdarno from San Miniato to La Foce.