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About us: Discovery Pisa was born from the wish and desire of Andrea and Alessia, two authorized tourist guides, to promote to everybody the beauties of Pisa. Pisa is indeed one of the most important places in Tuscany. Our team of certified tourist guides will allow you to discover all the secrets of Pisa like a local, because Pisa is much more than the Leaning Tower! We always dreamed with Low cost tours, affordable for every pocket, so we launched few years ago our tours with price per person, we think that everybody should have the possibility to join a guided tour and learn about, history, art and funny facts. Our guides are native because we care a lot about the languages level. We are young, willing, full of energy and we have the skills to develop together a big project. We work with local guides and companies that indeed want to create like us a new way to offer tourist services.

Our Mission

DISCOVERY PISA aims to get through people who want to grasp the hidden core of Pisa. About us, we want culture and art to be suitable for all, in fact, our low cost tours suit every pocket. We want that everybody could have the possibility to enjoy the competence and knowledge that an authorized tourist guide can offer. With our tours you will have fun and will know everything about art, history, legends and secrets of a wonderful town, like Pisa. Even more! DISCOVERY PISA offers completely personalized tours, based on your desires. The company of our competent and certified tourist guides and trained staff, who will make your travel experience more enjoyable.

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For over 5 years, DiscoveryPisa Tours has been the leader in guided sightseeing and exploration tours of Pisa and surrounding areas. About us.

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